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‘Love Yourself’ Fitness & Training program – Week 2

Dear clients, family and friends, After week one, you should be developing some good healthy habits.  Continue doing everything you learned last week and add on today’s tips. Remember that Knowledge + Action = Results. This program will provide you the tools and the resources you need to make sure you’re doing this the right…

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Love Yourself Fitness and Training program – Week 1

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we launch the “Love Yourself” Fitness and Training program and what better day to start taking better care of yourself than on Valentine’s Day!  You are the only person you are going to be with every day and every moment of your entire life and your health is your most important…

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FREE ‘Love Yourself’ Fitness and Nutrition Program starts next Monday!

Dear Clients, Friends and Family, Next Monday is Valentine’s Day.  In honor of this special day, I am going to launch a ‘Love Yourself’ fitness program.  Every week, I will provide you with exercise and nutrition tips and live video clips that you can follow along with anywhere – home, work, hotel… To help you…

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The best thing we can do for our kids!

If you have kids, you’ve got to help them learn to love to move their bodies and eat well at an early age. Then it will be easy to continue as they get older! I had the opportunity to work with some Vancouver kids today to teach them that working out and eating healthy can…

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More Core Conditioning Exercises!

Dear clients, friends and family, Here is Day Three of your Core Conditioning program. Hopefully, you have mastered Day One and Two and are ready for some new exercises. Practice these and Day Four will come on Friday. This 6 day core conditioning program will address all critical core components and include movements and exercises…

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Core Conditioning Combo #1 – Follow the video & just give me 5 minutes!

Dear clients, friends and family, I bet there’s one thing we all have in common and that is the desire to look and feel our best. And in my experience, most people would love to have a flat, toned, rock hard abdominal region. But abdominal conditioning is about more than just vanity. When you have…

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