Breast Cancer and Exercise – Muscle Strength and Endurance

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Week Four

A Breast Cancer diagnosis can completely blind-side a woman and shock her family and friends. While navigating various treatment options and making decisions on the best approach for her case, the days and weeks can fly by and exercise can often become a low priority. However, even just walking post-surgery and during treatment can provide both physical and emotional benefits.

The last few weeks we have discussed how exercise can play a role in both prevention and treatment of Breast Cancer. It’s always important to discuss your fitness plan with your physician because everyone’s case is different.

Once given the approval, following a program that incorporates specific exercises and stretches that will help you heal and strengthen while maintaining mobility and flexibility will be extremely beneficial.

Over the last few weeks, we have discussed cardio, mobility and flexibility. An aggressive strength training program will need to wait until you have healed from the surgery, but while waiting, you can incorporate lower body strength exercises and core conditioning.

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Lower Body Exercises

As soon as you are given the green light, some lower body exercises that you can incorporate include the following.







Step Ups






Note – since you will not be given approval to lift any weight yet, just use your body weight only during these lower body exercises.

Core Exercises

For Core Conditioning exercise, you’ll want to include exercises that don’t involve or provide any load to your upper body. Exercises such as the following can often be incorporated while the upper body heals:


Supine leg lifts






Supine leg extensions



Performing 10-15 reps and 1-3 sets of the above exercises can help prevent muscle atrophy and keep you strong. If you are unfamiliar with proper form for these movements, be sure to get some instruction from a professional who has some experience and understanding of modifications to be made post-surgery and during Breast Cancer treatment.

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