10 Minute Holiday Workout – Week 4

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img_0558So far, we’ve covered a Bedroom, Kitchen and Living Room workout. Today, we’ll add a Dining Room workout to your repertoire that will counteract all the calories you’ll be consuming in that very room!

Anyone can commit to 10 minutes! And these short burst of movements will make you feel better, reduce your stress, increase your energy and assure you get a jump start on those New Year’s Resolutions!

And 10 minutes done right can be a fabulous mini workout and can definitely challenge your body!

10 Minute Holiday DINING ROOM WORKOUT:

This one you can do while you’re setting the table or during clean up!

Warm up first.

Perform each of the following 5 exercises for one minute and repeat 2 sets for a total of 10 minutes. Feel free to take breaks within each one minute set and you can also take a break in between the 2 sets if needed.

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Wall Squat:

img_0546Stand against your dining room wall with your feet positioned away from the wall so that when you sit your shin bone is perpendicular to the floor and your knees are positioned above your ankles.  Slowly lower down until your knees are at 90 degrees. It should feel like you’re sitting in a chair. Hold for 60 seconds and take breaks if needed. This is a great thigh burn!

Table Push up:

img_0548Position your hands on your dining room table a few inches beside your shoulders with your legs extended straight behind you. Make sure that your elbows are directly over top or to the inside of your wrists.  Keep your abdominals contracted and your back in its neutral position.  Now slowly lower your upper body down towards the table and then return to the starting position. Complete for 1 minute taking breaks as needed.

Table Lunge:

img_0549Start by standing tall and lightly holding the table. While maintaining good, upright posture, slowly lunge one leg backwards. Only go as far as you can go without straining. Then slowly return to the starting position getting your strength and power from the supporting leg in front and trying not to use your arms. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to go deeper.  Remember to keep your front knee pointing forward and positioned over your front foot. Complete 30 seconds each leg.

Chair Dips:

img_0553fullsizerenderSit on your dining room chair.  Place your hands beside your hips on the chair and position them so they’re approximately shoulder width apart.  Now slowly lower your body down and then back up to the starting position.  Keep your hips positioned close to the chair.  To make the exercise more challenging, keep your legs straight.  Perform for 1 minute and take breaks if needed.

Chair Torso Rotations:

img_0558Sit upright on your dining room chair with perfect posture.  Now slowly recline back a few inches while keeping your abdominals contracted and your spine elongated.  Hold the position while slowly rotating from one side to the other.   Repeat for 1 minute taking breaks if needed. If you want to make it harder, suspend your legs in the air. Awesome exercise for your core.

Eat, Drink, Workout & Be Merry this Holiday season!
Sherri McMillan

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