4 Week Fitness Study for Business Professionals

We are conducting a 4-week Fitness Study to determine which time slots work best for exercise adherence and results for Business Professionals.

Should you exercise morning, afternoon or evening if you are a busy professional to maximize results:

We need 25 VOLUNTEERS who will receive FREE Group Training CLASSES for 4 weeks.

Here are the expectations for the volunteers/subjects:

· You are a working, business professional.
· You will need to commit to exercising at least 3 days per week for 4 weeks in one of our Group Training time slots. Morning, Noon or Evening.
· Baseline and pre-study measurements and exercise adherence will be assessed at the end of June.
· Study will run throughout the month of July but dates can be adjusted as needed.
· Results will be used for the analysis of a Workplace Wellness program. .

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